Saturday, January 12, 2008

He said WHAT?!

I know I promised a blog on focused consumerism, and that's coming. But I had to make a post about this: I love the balls of Pervez Musharraf. I don't know how he's going to do with Pakistan now that he's graduated from General to President, but you gotta love the man for flipping off America's pushy bully attitude and saying "stay the HELL out of my country man or I'm going to bitch slap you another one!"

If America gets all snit-faced and grumbles about how Pakistan is hiding something, I'll be sitting in the wings waiting to make a "well didn't we tell the British not to invade us back in the 1700s, or have you forgotten already? A country is a country is a sove-fucking-reign country!"

the link: 'Fuck you, this is my country' so sayeth Musharraf.

--Le Femme

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