Sunday, January 27, 2008

Oh my GOD

Thanks to a co-worker and friend of mine, I have find my new best friend on the web:

Library Thing

holy shit, I love this. I love this.

I'm a bibliophile at heart, an ex-library shelver and nothing can top this.

But anyway. Suharto died today. This seems to be the season of monumental bastards passing away. In someways when I read this article that was posted on bbc today I was reminded of Vladimir Putin. When Putin was named Time's person of the year, I initially almost shit my pants in disbelief. But once I read the introductory article explaining just why they named him person of the year, I began to understand, and now I agree. Putin has taken Russia from the dregs of global disarray and taken it to a whole new level. Suharto did that. Suharto was a dictator, and he was a bastard, but the economy thrived, and the country was stable. So maybe his firm hand did do some good. But that's not to equate Putin with Suharto. Putin is no dictator, and it's going to be interesting to see who can take Russia from the point that Putin is leaving it at. Here's to Russia, and here's to the death of a dictator.

In the tradition of posting LolCat pictures, here's my take on children:


love & rockets said...


thanks for your comments :)

yep, you're right: the back then texas scene created such incredible bands with lots of personality and different styles of music.

dicks and for sure big boys -love them!- sound still fresh these days. and of course, all the bands around raul's club deserve special attention.

the huns were the first texan band i ever heard, and to be honest, at the first heard i really didn't like them too much -specially for the keyboards :D but what it really mattered was their attitude, being completely creative, doing whatever they wanted to do and challenging punk rules. and i love bands that try to push limits and go further.

anyway, glad to see you enjoy this very amateurish blog i run.

wow, so you are from albuquerque? that's really interesting! don't know many thing about this city, apart from its relation with atomic tests and jerry's kidz hardcore band :D any tip or intersting things should i know of?

as for your last post, i only have a (political) complaint. putin maybe is not a dictator in the "typical" sense of the word, but he's so corrupted and evil as the most. at least, this is my -european- vision...

anyway, keep your blog alive.

take care,

Drew said...

I've had an LT account for some time. Surprised you haven't found me yet.